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Critical Analysis – Jihad
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Critical Analysis – Jihad

We have seen briefly in the readings about the many shades of meaning associated with the term jihad. For this assignment, you will continue to explore this topic by looking for information on jihad from three sources: one book (print or e-book), one internet source that you have found using a search engine, and a peer-reviewed journal (attached). A peer-reviewed journal is another name for a scholarly journal and means that the articles in the journal have been read and reviewed by other independent scholars who are familiar with the subject of the article. This helps to ensure that the article is factual, accurate, and meets the standards necessary for being published.

Then, do the following:

  1. Search the Library catalogue, a journal database, and a search engine (such as Google) for your information. You may find this tutorial on boolean searches from the Library to be useful in helping you to learn how to construct searches that enable databases to find your sources more efficiently.
  2. Provide a full bibliographical citation for each source using Chicago Style. Use the “Notes and Bibliography” style, not the “Author-Date References” style.
  3. Write a short essay that analyses the content of your sources and how they are similar and different from each other. Three to four double spaced pages (750-1000 words) of well-written prose should be sufficient.....
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