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W2: Assignment 3 Problems
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Problem 1

Chapter 6 (Probability): Exercises 6.81

6.81   Your favorite team is in the final playoffs. You have assigned a probability of 60% that it will win the championship. Past records indicate that when teams win the championship, they win the first game of the series 70% of the time. When they lose the series, they win the first game 25% of the time. The first game is over; your team has lost. What is the probability that it will win the series?


Problem 2

Chapter 10 (Introduction to Estimation): Exercises 10.11

10.11 A random sample of 25 was drawn from a normal distribution with a standard deviation of 5. The sample mean is 80. Determine the 95% confidence interval estimate of the population mean

  • b. Repeat part (a) with a sample size of 100.
  • c. Repeat part (a) with a sample size of 400.
  • d. Describe what happens to the confidence interval estimate when the sample size increases.


.Problem 3

Chapter 11 (Introduction to Hypothesis is testing): Exercises 11.52

11.52 A statistics practitioner wants to test the following hypotheses with σ = 20 and n = 100: H0: μ = 100 H1: μ > 100

  • a. Using a = .10 find the probability of a Type II error when μ = 102.
  • B .Repeat part (a) with a = .02.
  • c. Describe the effect on β of decreasing a




Chapter 12 (Inference about a population): Exercises 12.74

12.74 Spam is of concern to anyone with an e-mail address. Several companies offer protection by eliminating Spam e-mails as soon as they hit an inbox. To examine one such product, a manager randomly sampled his daily e-mails for 50 days after installing spam software. A total of 374 e-mails was received, of which 3 were spam. Use the Wilson estimator to estimate with 90% confidence the proportion of spam e-mails that get through












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