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SWK 675 Social Work Ptofession
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I. Identify an area of social work practice

a. Select an area of practice in which you plan to work post-graduation

b. Be specific to any particular sub-area, such as child and adolescent counseling with

clients who have experienced childhood abuse; or military social work with

individuals diagnosed with PTSD.

II. Discuss the major historical milestones of the practice area

a. Discuss the practice area within the context of history (e.g., when/how did social

work practice begin to address this area of practice, the emergence of target

population, or emergence of the special problems faced by target population

b. Who were some of the pioneer practitioners? What have been recent developments?

III. Discuss the major research that informs this area of practice today?

a. What is the current body of knowledge regarding evidence-based practice/best

practices for this practice area?

b. You must include 4-6 refereed journals for specifically for this area.

IV. Discuss your plan of action to enter this filed.

a. What particular contribution would you like to make to the field? What organizations

might you target for employment, or do you want to own your own business? What is

the salary associated with work in this field?

b. What additional training will you pursue (i.e., conferences, trainings, licensures,

additional degrees, etc.) Can you identify areas of professional development and

personal growth needed?

V. Conclusion: What have you learned about yourself and this particular field of practice

through this assignment?

Paper Requirements: 10 pages, APA format, Times New Roman font (12), double-spaced,

minimum of 10 citations.

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