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An investor wants to acquire your company and provides S/. PEN  soles per share, for this, you
You should enhance the company to know if the offer is convenient and make a decision. For that
It has the following data:
It has partial data 2015, why it should complete this year and project nine years      
more, being an evaluation horizon 10 years            
· sales are expected to grow at 8% per annum and expected inflation to 2%        
· The cost of sales is equal to 40% of sales            
· Operating expenses are 12% of sales            
· The average lifespan of 10 years is active            
· The minimum box should be 5% of sales            
· The average collection period is 15 days (based on 360días)          
· The inventory turnover is 15 days              
· The average payment period is 25 days            
· The change in capital of work for 2015 was S /45,000 PEN          
· Working capital is financed by short-term debt amounting to stocks        
plus 20%                  
· The long-term debt is equivalent to 50% of the net asset          
· The capital structure constant 50/50              
· In 2015, to boost production, fixed assets acquired by S/ 2 million PEN,        
being capex annual growth of 5%, the amount of gross fixed assets at year-end        
2015 was S /. 60 million PEN. (Includes the new acquisition)          
· At the end of the recovery it has residual value as a gain of 10% on assets        
· It distributes 40% of the dividends              
· The cost of capital (Ke) is 17.4% and the cost of debt (Kd) of 8%        
· There are 1,700,000 shares outstanding            
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