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Below you will find the discussion questions / writing prompts. READ the materials
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Below you will find the discussion questions / writing prompts. READ the materials posted in the Learning Resources and choose one of the following questions that most interests you. Answer the question with a short essay (employing an Introduction, Body and Conclusion see this for information on Be sure to provide citation (use the CMS format: directions here and

If you do not provide citation, you will not receive full credit.

Questions to choose from- pick one (1);

  1. Discuss the impact of technology on Medieval society and culture and the impact of society and culture on the development of Medieval technology.
  2. Strayer asks the question, "Why Europe?" Indeed, why did Europe experience the Scientific Revolution? How did this occur when Europe was so backward after the Sack of Rome? 
  3. The concept of the Middle Ages or the medieval period comes from the Renaissance. The Renaissance saw a reaching back to the classical past of Greece and Rome, a rebirth of classical ideals. The Middle Ages were seen as dark and sterile, an age of ignorance and superstition when little to nothing new or of value was produced. Do you agree with this? Why or why not?  
  4. Discuss the nature of the Medieval university and the ways in which its structure influenced the reception of Aristotelianism in the Latin West.
  5. The intellectual history of the later Middle Ages has traditionally been described as decadent, autumnal, waning. Yet recently a few scholars have asserted that the period between 1250-1450 was one of innovation, change, possibility. Which view is more accurate and why? Medievalists tend to dismiss this argument out of hand. Take a fresh look at this argument and consider the extent to which the Middle Ages was an sterile age, merely passing on diluted versions of the heritage of antiquity, and the extent to which it contributed new and vital elements to the European tradition.

you have to use these resources  

  1. Read "A Brief History of Time Measurement."
  2. Read Medieval People by Eileen Power.
  3. Classical discoveries and Dark Age transformations - Oxford Scholarship
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