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MKTG340 Week 7 Quiz Latest 2017 (Perfect Answer)
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Question 1

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(TCO 5) _____ is one tool that enables consumers to enjoy media on their own schedule.

Electronic TV schedule or guide

Video streaming

Image search

Question 2

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(TCO 5) Online advertising is _____ effective than television advertising in creating customer awareness.




Question 3

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(TCO 5) Advantages of a brand community include

members are likely to feel more brand loyalty.

members feel they are part of an exclusive club.

Both of the above

Question 4

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(TCO 5) The concept of a vook is

make interactive videos relevant to the brand.

embed high-quality video in textual content.

encourage users to create their own video.

Question 5

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(TCO 5) Which of the following is a true statement about acquisition of online customers?

Acquisition of online customers can be accomplished only online.

Acquisition of online customers can make use of both offline and online techniques.

Is more costly than acquiring offline customers.

Question 6

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(TCO 5) Best practices for developing rich media ads include

put as much interactivity into the ad as possible.

understand who your target audience is and how its members use the web.

do not include a call to action in a rich media ad.

Question 7

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(TCO 5) The new “Rising Stars” ad formats were designed because

old formats were no longer usable.

the job of the IAB is to make as many formats available as they can.

the new formats respond to the need for better brand development ads.

Question 8

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(TCO 5) The technique that serves ads to Internet users based on tracking of their Internet activities is

behavioral advertising.

personalized advertising.


Question 9

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(TCO 6) The nature of website objectives will depend on

tasks visitors expect to perform on the site.

the types of hardware and software that will be used.

how visitors are going to be attracted to the website.

Question 10

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(TCO 6) Among the web design elements that help create a satisfactory customer experience are

dramatic and attention-getting graphics and other visuals.

multiple navigations aids like breadcrumbs and different colors for followed links.

pages that have a lot of text and are able to answer all the visitor's questions.

Question 11

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(TCO 6)’s success on the web stems from

the level of satisfaction with the customer experience on the site.

its multichannel approach.

Both of the above

Question 12

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(TCO 6) Typical website objectives include

making sales.

generating sales leads.

Both of the above

Question 13

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(TCO 6) Among the strategic implications of pervasive computing are

marketers must wait for customers to contact them.

marketers must be able to contact customer near the time and place of purchase.

content will become less important than context.

Question 14

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(TCO 6) True statements about the global mobile environment include

some countries have already passed 100% penetration of cell phones.

mobile is expected to be the dominant method of accessing the Internet in a few years.

Both of the above

Question 15

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(TCO 6) _____ is one of the strategic drivers of mobile marketing.


1-click payment mechanisms

Decrease in consumer concern about the privacy and security of their personal data

Question 16

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(TCO 6) Mobile apps are primarily of interest to

young consumers with active lifestyles.

older, more affluent consumers.

it depends on the app and the target audience.



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