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There are 200-250 words for each summary.
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There are 200-250 words for each summary. Due days are difference for each group readings. There are some readings in the same file. 

Group A

1. Fortress America

2. Link to Oregon Land Use Law Summary:

3. Democractic Decision Making (will give you the link later)

4. Sense of place, Stegner (Discover Place PDF)

5. Politics of Place, Coleman (Discover Place PDF)

Due on Wednesday

Group B

1. Rediscovery of North America, Lopez (Discover Place PDF)

2. Mapping the Biosphere, Marshall (Discover Place PDF)

Due on Thursday

Group C

1. LA Food Insecurity

2. Breaking Ground

Due on Friday

Group D

1. Sharing Economy collection

2. Green activist falls in love with Frogsong cohousing (Discover Place PDF)

3. Push for change, sihler (Discover Place PDF)

4. Facts about geese, arien (Discover Place PDF)


Group E

1. Social capital collection

2. Third places

3. What is placemaking and 11 principles

4. Portland bicylce movement

5. where currents merge, S Johnson (Discover Place PDF)


Group F

1.Green urbanism in europen cities

2. ecological landscape

3. Env. Justice all

Group D, E, F Due on next week (Friday)

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