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Please complete the following assignments in the exact order listed. Each assignment
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Please complete the following assignments in the exact order listed. Each assignment should be at least one page in length, but all should be submitted in ONE document. Submit this as ONE Microsoft Word document. Name the file SanchezJ -PORTFOLIO Week Two

1. Write a Formal Letter

PERSUASIVE LETTER: Asking an organization to accept Student Interns

As Director of Internship Programs at City College, you have more would-be interns than intern positions. Write a Formal Letter asking companies to accept student interns. Be sure to order you response with

  1. main points
  2. details
  3. negatives (address any resistance)
  4. reader benefits
  5. goodwill


2. Write a Memo:


In any organization, things sometimes go wrong. Write a memo reporting a problem and recommending a solution. Be sure to objective in your description. The best way to deliver bad news to superiors

  1. Describe the problem
  2. Tell how it happened
  3. Offer options for fixing it
  4. Recommend solution and ask for action


3. Write a Email:

REQUESTING YOUR FIRM USE SOCIAL NETWORKING:  Your small but prestigious firm has a web page that increasingly gets traffic and now you, the communications director, want to convince upper management to branch out to use Facebook and Twitter. Several of the senior partners think that social networking sites are trendy and informal and don't accurately reflect the firm's conservative image. You know that convincing some of the partners to adopt more modern strategies may be difficult, but you also know the firm stands to lose its competitive edge in a rapidly changing world. Send an email message requesting the firm use social media. 

4. Write a Short Report 


Evaluate five websites related to your Formal Report. For each source provide:

  • Author and URL link
  • Summary of source
  • Reliability Assessment: Is the site objective? Reliable? Current?
  • Revision date
  • Relevancy to your report

Based on these criteria, which sites are best for your report? Which are unacceptable? Why? Present your results in a memo to your instructor.


5. Review "Building a Critical Skill: Which of these techniques do you already use? What challenges do you have in managing your time and how do you overcome them? What skills have you learned since becoming a student? How can use these skills to complete your Formal Report in this class? If you could share on tip with an incoming student about time management what would it be?  Read here Do you need more time? Welcome to the club! Although 

researchers claim we have more leisure hours than we did 25 

years ago, most of us feel more overworked than ever. And the 

number of things you’ll need to do will only increase as you 

assume more job responsibilities. 

 Managing your incoming e-mail is an essential skill for 

every office worker. 

 • Create folders, mailboxes, and filters. For example, most 

e-mail programs allow you to flag messages from your boss 

in a special color. 

 • Move items out of your inbox. 

 • Delete messages after you act on them. 

 • If you need to save messages, move them to folders on a 

specific topic or project. 

 • Create a “delete in 30 days” folder for items you’ll need 


 • Purge files periodically—at least once a month. (Once a 

week is better.) 

 Many workers benefit from managing all their activities (not 

just their e-mail) more efficiently. To manage your time, divide 

projects or incoming mail into three piles (real or imaginary). 

Put urgent items in the A pile, important items in the B pile, and 

other items in the C pile. Do the A items first. Most people find 

that they never get to their C piles. 

 At the end of the day, make a list of the two most important 

things you need to do the next day—and leave the paper where 

you’ll see it when you start work the next morning. 

 If you still don’t have enough time to get your A s and most 

of your B s done, you’re ready for a more systematic approach 

to time.




6. After reviewing email “netiquette” on pager 226 answer these three questions.

  • How would you rate your professional email skills?
  • What area mentioned in these resources could you improve?
  • What is the one email error you see most often?

Read here E-mail communities develop their own norms. If possible, lurk a few days—read the 

 messages without writing anything yourself—before you enter the conversation. 

 Follow these guidelines to be a good “netizen”:

 • Never send angry messages by e-mail. If you have a conflict with someone, work it out 

face-to-face, not electronically. 

 • Use full caps only to emphasize a single word or two. Putting the whole message in 

caps is considered as rude as shouting. 

 • Send people only messages they need. Send copies to your boss or CEO only if he or 

she has asked you to. 

 • Find out how your recipient’s system works and adapt your messages to it. Most 

people would rather get a separate short message on each of several topics, so that the 

messages can be stored in different mailboxes. But people who pay a fee to download 

each message may prefer longer messages that deal with several topics. 

 • When you respond to a message, include only the part of the original message that 

is essential so that the reader understands your posting. Delete the rest. If the quoted 

material is long, put your response first, then the original material. 

 • When you compose a message in your word processor and call it up in e-mail, use short 

line lengths (set the right margin at 2.5” or 3”).


7. For your Main Post include a minimum of two paragraphs with the following headers:


  • Thesis Statement
  • Research Sources

For your thesis statement share the topic, problem and solutions (see example below). Include any questions or concerns that you would like to receive peer feedback.

For your research, post two sources that are relevant to your topic. Compose a brief summary including defense of the reliability and relevance of each source. Be sure to list the entire reference in APA along with a URL if available.

For one peer response, offer a suggestion regarding a peer’s thesis statement, or answer one of the questions posted by in the original main post.

For a second peer response, comment on the reliability or relevance of one of the sources listed in a peer post. Consider sharing an additional source or suggestion to your peer.

Thesis statement is

Topic/Problem + Three claims/solutions


Topic Problem: Confidentiality and HIPPA compliance with home-based health care

Solution 1#. Retrain Caregiver in Compliance Issues

Solution 2#.  Educate family and housemates regarding HIPPA issues

Solution 3#. Update all parties affected regarding use of medical records

 Thesis: Home-based care often overlooks the importance of patient confidentiality due to the nature of the environment; this can be overcome by retraining caregivers in compliance issues, educating families and friends about the legal issues of HIPPA compliance, and focusing on changes and updates that affect patient confidentiality.

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