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Instructions for writing the Professional Development Plan (PDP)
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Instructions for writing the Professional Development Plan (PDP)

  • The PDP should address three questions:
    • Where have you been in your life personally and professionally that has brought you to this point?
    • Where are you now in your personal and professional life that makes getting an advanced degree important?
    • Where do you want to go professionally and how will you be tailoring your Walden experience to meet those objectives
  • A good PDP contains all three components. The good PDP is also explicit in its detail about what you plan to do at Walden to meet your personal and professional goals.
  • Use the writing skills you learn in this course to make a sharp PDP that is something you can be proud of and is something that you can refer to when you want to check your progress or re-evaluate your goals.
  • If you have any questions about the PDP, ask the instructor rather than the Academic Advisor. The PDP is not typically within the area of expertise for the advisor.
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