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Essay (Too Poor to Parent), (From Rescue to Recognition: Rethinking the Afghan Conflict),
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1) Reading 86 “Too Poor to Parent” Gaylynn Burroughs

Discuss the relationship between poverty and state interventions in family life, providing examples from the stories shared in the reading.


2) Reading 90 “From Rescue to Recognition: Rethinking the Afghan Conflict” Shahnaz Khan

What is the situation like for Afghani women since the fall of the Taliban? What issue associated with Afghani women is of most concern for Westerners and what for the Afghani women themselves? What vulnerabilities were identified by the Amnesty International report and highlighted by Khan? What positive changes are identified by Khan?


3) Reading 81 Confronting Violence - Takyiwaa Manuh and Adolf Awuku Bekoe

What are the forms of gendered violence introduced at the beginning of the article? Summarize the statistics on gendered violence worldwide. What is the "one in three"? How have women responded?



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