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MBA565 MODULE 7 QUIZ 6 2017 (Perfect Answer)
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Question 1 The sales force is rewarded on a commission basis. It wants to sell quantity and is willing to be flexible on price, whereas the organizations strategy is high quality, high price. Identify this source of conflict.

Question 1 options:

Misuse of power

Goal divergence

Differing perceptions of reality

Domain dissensus

Question 2 A merchant establishment operated by a concern that is engaged primarily in buying, taking title to, usually storing and physically handling goods in large quantities, and reselling the goods (usually in smaller quantities. to retail or to industrial or business users is known as a(n):

Question 2 options:

facilitating agent.




Question 3 When providing basic logistical services, the channel member is providing the function of:

Question 3 options:

marketing research.

physical distribution.


risk taking.

Question 4 It is difficult to enter Japan's retail market because of:

Question 4 options:

high brand loyalty.

low level of disposable income.

its maze of importation and operational laws.

its high dependence on black markets.

Question 5 Which of the following statements is true regarding changes in the distribution channel?

Question 5 options:

Once the distribution channel system is designed, the basic structure remains constant.

Distribution channels are not affected by structural changes to the industry.

Channel structures are independent of the changes in the environment.

Innovation in distribution can create new marketing opportunities.

Question 6 Which of the following statements is true about a multiple-channel system?

Question 6 options:

Loss of control is a typical problem associated with a multiple-channel system.

It simplifies coordination and management of the channel of distribution.

It reduces the cost of distribution.

It is a type of a direct channel where intermediaries are eliminated through the use of information technology.

Question 7 Which of the following indicates physical distribution of goods from one location to another?

Question 7 options:




Inventory management

Question 8 Wholesalers try to deliver products to customers in lot sizes that match their needs. Identify this channel function.

Question 8 options:

Relationship management

Risk taking



Question 9 Identify the key reason for picking a particular channel system.

Question 9 options:

To follow competition's strategy

To analyze the organization's familiarity with the distribution channel

To differentiate your product or service from the competition

To consider the inexpensive nature of the distribution channel

Question 10 Because channel members often have direct contact with customers, it is an ideal situation for collecting information about customer and competitor behavior. Which of the following channel functions best describes this event?

Question 10 options:


Relationship management


Marketing research

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Question 11 Which of the following best describes a group of present and potential customers assigned to a salesperson?

Question 11 options:

A market segment

A market layout

A focus group

A sales territory

Question 12 Identify the selling situations where the salesperson is typically an order taker and the customer initiates the sale and gives the order to the sales person.

Question 12 options:

Missionary selling

Trade selling

Technical selling

Response selling

Question 13 When direct e-mails sent only to those customers who had agreed in advance to receive such contact, such programs are known as __________ programs.

Question 13 options:





Question 14 Which of the following types of quotas takes into consideration various activities such as number of customers called on and number of demonstrations made?

Question 14 options:

Combination quota

Profit based quota

Market based quota

Sales volume based quota

Question 15 Which of the following is a type of sales organization?

Question 15 options:

Product/customer system

Market/market system

Customer/supplier system

Customer/market system

Question 16 Which of the following types of selling includes order taking, but also entails responsibilities such as making sure the stock is adequately displayed on shelves, setting up displays, providing demos, and other merchandising activities?

Question 16 options:

Missionary selling

Technical selling

Trade selling

Response selling

Question 17 Which of the following types of compensation scheme should be used when management is more interested in long-term goals rather than simply selling as much volume as possible?

Question 17 options:

A trade allowance

A straight commission

An incentive payment

A straight salary

Question 18 Which of the following represents specific sales goals that salespeople are required to meet?

Question 18 options:

Market objectives

Market potential

Sales objectives

Sales quotas

Question 19 Which of the following methods of determining the optimal sales force size is based on the ability to calculate the total amount of work necessary to serve the entire market?

Question 19 options:

Breakout method

Marginal economic method

Breakdown method

Workload method

Question 20

Which of the following types of selling typically involves developing new customers and maintaining old ones by investing a considerable amount of time in understanding buyers' needs and wants?

Question 20 options:

Trade selling

Missionary selling

Creative selling

Response selling


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  • MBA565 MODULE 7 QUIZ 6 2017 (Perfect Answer)

    Question Question 1 The sales force is rewarded on a commission basis. It wants to sell quantity and is willing to be flexible on price, whereas the organizations strategy is high quality, high price. Identify this source of conflict. Question 1 options: Misuse of power Goal dive

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