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ASSIGNMENT 3: STANCE ESSAY Due Week 10 and worth 230 points
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ASSIGNMENT 3: STANCE ESSAY Due Week 10 and worth 230 points

Congratulations! You made it to your final assignment, and you have learned so much along the way.

• In the personal essay, you learned how to write with a strong personal voice.

• In the informative essay, you learned how to write objectively and support your points with credible sources to inform the audience. Now in your final assignment, you will combine these writing techniques to write a stance essay. A stance essay takes a position on a topic and argues and supports that position with evidence. Consider your topic:

• What possible positions/arguments are there?

• What position resonates with you? (Which position do you believe is correct?)

• What are your main points?

• What are the counterpoints? Are you ready to dispute them?

• Do you have enough evidence to effectively support your argument?

For the stance essay, your personal voice (your perspective) should come through. This is just like assignment 1, except you should maintain a formal tone. And just like assignment 2, you will need to support your points with credible sources. You’re ready to take a position on the topic you have been writing about and to be persuasive! INSTRUCTIONS: Compose a three-four (3-4) page paper in which you do the following:

1. Use third person point of view (POV) and the appropriate voice and tone throughout your paper.

a. Did you use third person pronouns? (he, she, they, their)

b. Does your personality carry over in your writing? Are your word choices personal and consistent?

c. Is the tone formal? Does it express your atitude about the topic?

2. Write an introduction paragraph, which includes your thesis statement.

It is suggested that this paragraph contain 5-7 sentences. a. Does your introduction include solution

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