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Assignment 2: LASA 2—Evaluating a Supply Chain- AMAZON
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Assignment 2: LASA 2—Evaluating a Supply Chain- AMAZON

In this assignment, you will develop an understanding of the supply chain. You will provide your assessment of a supply chain in the form of an evaluation.

Description of LASA:

In this assignment, you will evaluate the supply chain of AMAZON.

  1. Evaluate the organization’s facilities with regard to capacity and location. Determine whether the organization has enough capacity and whether or not the facilities are strategically located.
  2. Conduct an inventory analysis of the firm.
  • Evaluate the firm’s ERP system.
  • Evaluate the firm’s inventory management systems.
  • Identify the firm’s inventory costs.
  • Determine the firm’s optimum order quantities.
  • Identify the firm’s seasonality adjustments and reorder points.


  1. Describe the systems used to monitor the performance of the suppliers.


  • Identify the key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Describe the firm’s risk management strategies.


  1. Recommend strategies, tools, etc. the organization can use to improve or expand upon the supply chain in the future.





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