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Assignment#1 Web-based Application Development


Part I            

Create and test an HTML document, name it as YourLastName_A1_htmlBasic.html, and include your name, your major (department, college, and university’s names), and grade level in the document. This document must use several headings and <em>, <strong>, <hr>, <p>, and <br> tags.

  1. Add pictures to the document you created.
  2. Create a second document, name it as YourLastName_A1a.html, which contains at least three paragraphs of your personal history. Add a link from the first document to the second document.
    Also add a link from the second document to the first document.
  3. Add an ordered list to the first document. This list lists the names of your five favorite movies.


Part II            

  1. Add a table with table caption My Schedule Fall 2017 to the first document. Please fill the table using your real class schedule. 

Course Number

Course Name






Web-based Application Development




Dr. Shao




















Note: Use any editor to edit your documents and use any browser to test your documents.


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