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Project communications are a coordinated
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Project communications are a coordinated effort by all team members: from the project manager who is responsible for the overall message and how it is delivered, to individual team members who contribute to the process. For the Unit III Assignment you will prepare a project communication matrix for a fictional project of your choice.

The communication matrix shows how we plan to communicate information to the project audiences. The matrix also includes the frequency of communication for different types of information and the method of communication.
A template is provided, but you can create your own matrix.

At a minimum, the matrix should include:

  •   the type of communication,
  •   its originator,
  •   who receives the communication or attends the meeting,
  •   the frequency that the communication or meeting occurs, and
  •   the source of the communication or meeting
  • Be a minimum of 100 words in length (introduction)




  •   Discuss why project managers are integral to managing successful projects.
  •   Explain the relevance of the following characteristics: knowledge, performance, and personal.
  •   Identify how you can build on the key characteristics to become a better project manager.
  •   Describe an example of when a project manager did not possess the right characteristics. What was the outcome?
  •   Describe a situation where you were able to work under an effective project manager. What characteristics and skills did they possess? Your assignment must:
  •   Be a minimum of 500 words in length.
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