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The assignment is based on phases of: Recruitment, Selection and Placement of HR Training,
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The assignment is based on phases of: Recruitment, Selection and Placement of HR, Training, Development and Employee Relations and Compensation and Benefits Administration.  The following are the specific instructions and deliverables:

Phase I: First, review the background information and the nine job descriptions then determine an appropriate job title for each of the job descriptions. Note: You may find it beneficial to place jobs in groups at this stage in the process, such as entry-level, mid and executive positions. **All of the job descriptions could not be uploaded so I will need to send you the remaining in a separate message** 

Phase II: For each of the jobs or groups of jobs, you must develop a recruitment and selection plan for filling these positions. The plan should include the following components:

1) Who the intended targets are (i.e. college graduates, experienced workers, etc.)

2) How you will communicate the vacancies to that particular segment of the labor market (e.g., advertisements, brochures, professional contacts, etc)

3) An initial screening process whereby you will reduce the applicant pool and select the actual candidates to be considered for the positions.

4) The selection process (i.e. how you will make the final selection decision), including what selection criteria you will be using (i.e. interviews, types of tests, background checks, etc.) to make a final decision. Phase III: Identify how will you evaluate the success of your recruitment plan, including both quantitative and qualitative measures.

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