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POLS210 WEEK 2 QUIZ LATEST 2017 (Perfect Answer)
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Which statement about the US party system is most accurate?

A.Presidents must be from either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party.

B.The Constitution never mentions political parties.

C.Parties are not concerned with winning elections.

D.Voters must declare membership in a political party to vote.

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Which statement about voter turnout rates is true?

A.Whites are least likely to vote.

B.Men are twice as likely to vote as women.

C.Voter turnout roughly the same for each election.

D.The young have lower voting rates than the elderly.

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What do the 15th, 19th, and 26th amendments have in common?

A.The expanded voting rights in the United States.

B.They all were repealed in the third Constitutional Convention.

C.They limited the rights of immigrants to vote.

D.They had nothing to do with voting.

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How often does the US have federal elections?

A.every year if mandated by state conventions.

B.every two years.

C.whenever a vote of no-confidence succeeds.

D.every four years.

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Which statement is NOT true about party identification?

A.People always vote for the party with which they identify.

B.Party identification can change for voters.

C.The Democratic Party generally has an edge in party ID over the Republican Party.

D.Many voters calling themselves independent vote consistently for either the Republicans or Democrats.

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Who monitors election campaign finances and spending?

A.Federal Reserve

B.Supreme Court

C.Federal Elections Commission

D.National Campaign Bureau

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What's a name for any American political party other than the two major parties?

A.third party

B.majority party

C.insignificant party

D.wasted-vote party

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Which is considered an ideology? identification

B.voter suppression



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What is NOT a purpose of a professional politician's campaign?

A.It's to accurately portray candidates so voters can make the best choice.

B.It's to develop and control the image of a candidate.

C.It's to portray the opposing candidate in a bad light.

D.It's to win an election.

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Which characteristic is NOT true of America’s political culture today?

A.greater racial and ethnic diversity

B.increasing focus on traditional Christian values

C.decreasing trust in government

D.greater acceptance of differences in people



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