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Week 4 key terms
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Write out, define & submit the terms below. Do this assignment in Microsoft Word.  The "file_name" must include your last name first, first name and the week -: e.g.  Jhala_Nilyum_Week4.doc by Sunday Night @ 12:00 Midnight.

Inside the document you must have a proper heading including your full name, course name, week # and your email address.

Here are the terms:

My expectation is a “Detailed Description” where necessary otherwise a carefully crafted and logically organized “Point by Point” list.(Use your best judgment).

  1. ETL Process


  1. Synchronous and Asynchronous Data Capture


  1. Publish and Subscribe Model


  1. Oracle’s Solution for ETL


  1. Discuss Transformation


  1. What is Onsite Staging Model?


  1. Data Quality – Importance and Benefits
  2. Considerations for adding a time element to your warehouse.


  1. Detail Maintaining Transformation Metadata


  1. Describe the following


  1. Designing the Transformation process
  2. Transformation Tools
  3. Oracle’s Enhanced Features for Transformation

Describe a Multitable INSERT Statement, list

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