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Coca-Cola and Pepsi in India 2
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We have looked at Coca Cola and Pepsi and drinking India dry, pesticides in the mix, corruption and competition as reasons that Coca Cola exited the India market. Students talk about culture and the presence of international competition that India may have not wanted so much so fast. India’s government did want to push foreign investment. Both companies are successful there now. Pepsi may have won a larger share of the market due to their product line. 

1.       Did either company come out with a new product that would suit India’s palate?

2.       please provide a minimum of two paragraphs with at least one APA reference and citation



This question stems from a discussion continuing on the following topic and topic questions that have already been answered:


Pepsi Co and Coke American beverage giants, must adhere to the U.S Foreign Corruption Act wherever their businesses may take them. Both companies expanded their U.S businesses to India with differing initial results. Coke came home (initially) and Pepsi Co prospered.

Students were asked to research and explain the socio-cultural barriers faced by Pepsi Co and Coke American beverage giants.

The response you are to give to each of the 2 students will include a minimum of three paragraphs that cover the following:

·         What in your view were the reasons the student gave which negatively impacted Coke and positively touched Pepsi Co?

·         Choose a third international company in a different country and discuss as a comparative to the student’s work on socio-cultural barriers faced by Pepsi Co and Coke American beverage giants.

·         Do you feel that cultural training is an essential pre-requisite for expatriates in any host country?

·         Why/Why not?

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