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Waste Minimization Strategies
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Upon completion of this unit, students should be able to:


1.       Identify the primary laws that govern hazardous waste operations and discuss how theyare applied in workplacesituations.

2.       Identify hazardous wastes using the EPA-defined characteristics of ignitibility,corrosivity, reactivity, andtoxicity.

3.       Identify hazardous wastes using the EPA F, K, P, and Ulists.

4.       Define universal wastes and describe the requirements for handlingthem.

5.       Define the various categories of hazardous waste generators and explain theregulatory requirements that apply toeach.

6.       Describe the precautions for the safe handling of hazardouswaste.

7.       Identify and explain strategies for wasteminimization.

8.       Identify the considerations for selecting hazardous waste transporters and treatment storageand disposal facilities(TSDF).

9.       Discuss the process and options available for the remediation of contaminated hazardouswaste sites.

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