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Reflect: Carefully review the revision letter and the margin comments that you see on your returned paper. Consider each of the suggestions provided to help you to revise your paper.

Write: In your written response of at least 400 words, complete the following:

·         Identify the top three issues your writing specialist focused on in your rough draft (e.g., paragraph structure, proper use of quotations, and thesis statement).

·         Were any of those issues surprising?

·         Describe what you learned from some of the feedback your writing specialist provided as explanations.

·         Was this feedback helpful?

·         Evaluate the usefulness of the paper review tool.

·         Did your understanding of academic writing improve?

·         Will you use the Ashford Writing Center to review your work in the future? Why or why not?

This assignment does not need to be formatted in APA style; however correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation is required

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