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Single Payer Meets Managed Competition
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Articles Analysis

Read this week’s Required Article, Single Payer Meets Managed Competition: The Case for Public Funding and Private Delivery.  Prepare an article analysis that includes the following:

I.            Summary of the article in your own words.

A.            Relative to the article consider the following:


2.       Purpose

3.       Scope

4.       Major points

5.       Data that will enhance the readers’ understanding of the content

6.       Major findings

7.       Recommendations or actions to be considered as advanced by the authors

II.            Critical analysis of the article should involve content analysis including:  accuracy, contribution of the article to health care knowledge, currency and veracity.  

 .         Consider the following perspectives:


1.       What are the major strengths?

2.       What are the limitations/assumptions?

3.       Do you agree or disagree with your understanding of the issue?

4.       In this analysis you may find it helpful to support your position with a literature source.

5.       Does the content reflect current economic “thinking?”

6.       What did you like best about the article?

7.       What did you think could be improved?

8.       Provide a succinct statement regarding the value of the article.

III.            What new ideas or amplification of existing ideas emerged as a result of reading the article?


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