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XBIS 219 Week 9 Club IT, Part 3
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Read Appendix E with additional information on Club IT.

Use Appendix F as a template for the form of your technology plan.

Create an 10 -14 slide presentation identifying technology solutions to the business problems at Club IT you cited in your Week Six analysis. Develop a technology plan, a proposal of your technology recommendations, for addressing those problems. This presentation will be presented to the owners of Club IT. Make sure your slides will be readable from a projected screen. The slides will also be printed and given to the owners, so make sure you include detailed speaker notes.

Include the following:

1. Information in Appendix F

2. Create slides in the order of the headings in Appendix F

3. Include information technology solutions that will fit Club IT’s need(you can do research on the internet

4. Be mindful of Club IT’s budget when suggesting solutions

5. See the rubric for details on powerpoint design

6. Place details regarding a slide in speaker notes as bulleted points (mandatory inclusion)

Format your citations/references consistent with APA guidelines and post to your individual forum using the Assignment Link.

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