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Police and Court Technologies
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Police and Court Technologies

Directions: By the end of this activity, you will be able to rank a group of technologies in terms of their crime-fighting and crime-preventing capabilities.


Conduct research about ten (10) new technologies that you think a police department should acquire.  Then, write a two-page research paper for the police department and a two-page research paper for the court.  Your papers should identify and prioritize the new technologies and provide a written justification for the ranking of each technology by describing its crime-fighting/crime-preventing capabilities.


Required Resources:


·         Course textbook

·         Internet access for research


Submission Requirements:


·         Two-page, double-spaced paper for police department recommendations

·         Include APA formatted cover and reference pages (in addition to the two pages above)

Two-page, double-spaced paper for court recommendations

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  • Police and Court Technologies

    Police and Court Technologies Student Name Allied American University Police Technologies The increase in the number of criminal activities in the country has made it very difficult for the police force and other investigating forces to catc

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