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The Dangers of Micromanaging
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The Dangers of Micromanaging
Micromanagers often cannot see the danger in their actions – even those that affect their own performance and eventually, their futures:
• Micromanaging has a negative impact on employees’ self esteem, motivation and morale.
• By stifling employees’ ideas, micromanagers put the brakes on improvement and innovation.
• Micromanaged employees are often disengaged, apathetic and unwilling to put forth the effort required to achieve company goals – which hurts the entire organization.
• Micromanaging can lead to low productivity and high turnover – with a negative effect on the bottom line.
• A micromanager who has his hands in every aspect of his team’s projects may be passed over for new assignments or increasing responsibilities. His supervisors see him spending valuable time on tasks that can easily be accomplished by others, and determine he is a risk to the organization.

It’s clear that micromanaging can be devastating to a team, a department, and eventually, the entire company. Fortunately, there are ways to effectively deal with a micromanager.

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