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PSY 320 Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards Assessment
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The Job Redesign and Workplace Rewards
Assessment is a two-part project that asks you to assess the current state of
your workplace environment in regard to how it motivates—or fails to
motivate—employees to affect increased job satisfaction and workplace

 1,750- to 2,100-word assessment focusing
on a selected job or department in your company in regard to the system of
goal-setting, performance evaluation, and workplace rewards that impact
productivity, both positively and negatively, and
job satisfaction, as related to the selected job or department. Address the

  • Identify the current major
    components, tasks, or responsibilities of the selected position. Does the job
    currently allow any self-management or sense of choice? Does the position
    cultivate a sense of intrinsic motivation?

  • Briefly discuss current
    company-wide rewards, such as bonus plans or profit-sharing, and one-to-one
    rewards, such praise or recognition. Examine and evaluate if these rewards are
    effective in motivating behavior for this position.

  • Identify how goals are used
    at your company with regard to the selected
    position. Be sure to consider what kinds of goals are set, how the goals are
    set, and if the goal system is effective for this position.
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