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Persuasive Essay Instructions
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There is a debate in the U.S. about sports teams and schools using Native American images and words as mascots.  You will read three articles about the subject.  Then you will choose a side.  Do you agree that all teams and schools should be forced to find new mascots?  Or do you think that the teams and schools should be allowed to keep Native American mascots and themes?  Make a statement that you believe is true.  Then use supporting evidence to prove your statement.  You must choose one side of the argument.  Write about what the opposition (the other side) is saying and give arguments to prove them wrong.  Your supporting evidence can be from your own ideas and experience, expert opinion, facts, and other sources.



Present one side of an argument using logical support.  

o Give a thesis statement (the idea that you want your readers to believe).

o Give one or two reasons that your argument is legitimate.

o Give one argument from the opposing side.

o Give a counterargument.

o Provide support.  For this essay, support can include the following:

 hypothetical situation

 common facts

 personal experience

 expert opinion or facts 




I. Introduction

a. Gain attention

b. Establish writer-reader-topic connection

c. Essay map (first main point, second main point, third, etc.)

II. Body

a. First main point

i. Topic sentence

ii. support for first point

iii. transition to next paragraph

b. Second main point

i. topic sentence

ii. support

iii. transition

c. Third main point

i. topic sentence

ii. support

iii. transition

d. Opposing Argument

i. What we all have in common

ii. What the other side says that is the opposite of what we say

iii. Counterargument

III. Conclusion

a. Summary

i. First, second, third main points, etc.

ii. motivation

iii. closure


Read each draft of your essay.  Make sure it has the following:



□ Can you convince your audience with the examples you choose?

□ Introduction, body, and conclusion all flow in an organized way.

□ The thesis is written as a statement of fact. 

□ At least three criteria have been identified in the body of the essay.

□ There is an opposing argument that you can refute.

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