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Neuro Transmitters
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Neurotransmitters play a vital role in both our minds and bodies. For this
discussion, you will explore the role of neurotransmitters and share your
findings on the discussion board.  


  • Describe neurotransmitters. Explain what they are, their function within the
    body, and their impact on behavior.


  • Describe the connection between neurons and neurotransmitters.


  • Choose two neurotransmitters and discuss their function within the
    body. Discuss both neurotransmitters’  connection with disease and
    disorders. Include aspects of the diseases. Address the following question: 
    • Does a neurotransmitter problem cause the disease, or does the disease cause
      a problem with the neurotransmitter?


  • What is the relationship between transmitter function and a particular
    disease or disorder?
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