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Mkt 421 Wk 2 Team

The project will be
on a hands-free headset that is attached to computers and phones. It would be
voice activated  So we have a product and
a targeted market (operational managers and frontline workers that want to
spend less time at the desk and more time in the field or on the
production-line floor. We need to set strategies that follow these objectives.
We need to find ways to promote this product. I have found that during this
economic downturn, companies are more willing to buy tools that help workers be
more productive instead of giving raises. We could use this to our advantage in
promoting this product.

The only issue we have is to determine how much technology to put into this
headset to make sure it is comfortable for the consumer and compatible to the
information systems the computer headset will be linking up to. Here is a
possible name (Linked Head Gear).

My Part is:

An explanation of the importance of marketing to your selected organization's success.

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