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Conflict Scenario

Just Right Tire Company is working on a new tire tread design for a brand of tires the company plans to launch in the fall. Jan, Sally, and Mark work in the marketing department at Just Right Tire. The team has been asked to develop an ad to promote the new tires. The ad will be printed in a local car magazine and posted on the company’s website.

In the past, these three employees have worked well together and have created very successful ads. They make a great team because they each excel at different ad development areas. Jan excels at developing the overall ad idea. Sally excels at adding graphic details and colors. Marc excels at developing slogans.

On this particular project, however, Jan, Sally, and Mark have been unable to agree on any project details. Jan developed a few ad options she thinks will encourage customers to purchase the new tires. Mark created a catchy slogan for the tires that he thinks will catch customers’ attention, but it does not go with either of the options Jan presented. Sally tried talking to Jan and Mark about making a compromise but each refused. Sally got tired of trying to resolve the disagreement. As a result, the team has stopped working together on the task and each member is developing an ad on their own. The project deadline is near and the group is not close to completing the project.

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