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Union Organizing - Suppose you are the HR manager for a chain of clothing stores.
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DQ#1 – Union Organizing -  Suppose you are the HR manager for a chain of clothing stores.  You learn that union representatives have been encouraging the stores’ employees to sign authorization cards.  What events can follow in this process of organizing?  Suggest some ways and advise you would give to the company executives relative to the handling of this situation in your role as HR manager?  What would you suggest the company to do to avoid employees unionizing?  What are some things that a company cannot do to stop employees from unionizing?

DQ#2 –Case “Job Location – Is it all about the money? (page 484).   Answer the following questions:

  1. Do companies have an ethical obligation to keep jobs in their home country and Scovill’s ethical obligation to its US and Chinese workers different?
  2. Scovill moved a sizable part of its operations to China, planning to move more but US workers accepted pay cuts and Scovill moved its operations back home.  Rate the fairness of this decision from management’s viewpoint.  As a HR manager, how would you communicate  the decision to the US workers?

DQ#3-  High Performance Organizations – How can teamwork, empowerment, knowledge sharing, and job satisfaction contribute to high performance?

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