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CJA 423 week 3 DQ 1
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The Supreme Court has repeatedly asserted that a defendant is not entitled to a
jury composed in whole or in part of persons of his own race. Although these
rulings establish that states are not obligated to use racially mixed juries,
they do not prohibit states from doing so. In fact, a number of policymakers and
legal scholars have proposed reforms that use racial criteria to promote racial
diversity on American juries. Some have suggested that the names of majority
race jurors be removed from the jury list (thus ensuring a larger proportion of
racial minorities); others have suggested that a certain number of seats on each
jury be set aside for racial minorities. 3-4 pages with references

  • How would you justify these reforms to a state legislature?
  • How would an opponent of these reforms respond?
  • Overall, are these good ideas or bad ideas?
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