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BUS 520 week 2 DQ2
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* Analyze how markets work and make recommendations for or against any form of price control. Explain your rationale.

* Make at least one recommendation concerning U.S. government regulation that would make the economy stronger.

•From the e-Activity, evaluate the impact of globalization on domestic governance. Identify and explicate at least three significant factors requiring domestic changes.

* Analyze your current work (or school) environment through the lens of the content in Chapter 2 and determine the most significant ethical issue and its impact on overall productivity and moral. Explain your rationale.

•Analyze your own personality along the lines of the concepts discussed in Chapter 3 (completing the two “self-competency” exercises at the end of the chapter will help) to determine your strengths and weaknesses as both an employee and as a leader and / or manager. Be sure to discuss how you will apply your strengths and address your weaknesses. 

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