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A+ 35_HRM 517-Managing Human Resource Projects
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HRM 517 Assignment 1: "Planning Document"

You have recently been appointed head of human resources and are now in charge of managing a small team. Your next project is to revamp the compensation and benefits package employees are receiving at your company. Design a plan for the human resource project without the use of MS Project or similar software. Note: You will have to make assumptions or created fictitious data for this assignment. Be clear about these assumptions and data for your professor to follow along.

Write a 6-8 page paper in which you:

1. Construct a project charter to revamp the compensation and benefits package.

2. Design a communication plan for the project.

3. Define the scope of the project.

4. Create a work breakdown structure including numbered components. Submit your WBS by creating a table inside your assignment.

5. Use at least four (4) resources in this assignment.

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