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Hazard Mitigation Plan Outline
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Hazard Mitigation Plan Outline

1. Introduction 

  • The community’s disaster history. 
  • What is mitigation and why is a mitigation plan necessary? 
  • How was the plan prepared? 
  • How did you obtain your information? 
  • The goals and objectives of the mitigation plan? 

2. Community and Hazard Exposure Profile (part 2 of the template) 

  • Community population 
  • Miles of roads 
  • Airports 
  • Manufacturing plants 
  • Military bases 
  • Hospitals 
  • Dams 
  • Schools 
  • Etc. 

3. List of possible community hazards (part 1 of the template). For each hazard discuss: 

  • Hazard description 
  • Impact on property 
  • Impact on safety and health 
  • Any other community considerations 

4. Hazard Vulnerability analysis and frequency chart (part 3 of the template) 

  • Explanation of a hazard vulnerability analysis 
  • Your chart or list matrix 

5. Your community’s capability assessment (part 4 of the worksheet) 

  • Community response capabilities 
  • Description of local law enforcement response capabilities (size, capability, etc.) 
  • Description of local fire agencies and response capabilities 
  • EMS capabilities, ambulance services, hospitals, etc. 
  • Physical resources 
  • Technical resources (example: early warning systems) 
  • Information resources (radio, TV, etc.) 
  • Financial resources (emergency funds in the community, grants, state funds, etc.) 

6. Recommended Mitigation Measures (part 5 of the template). For each measure include information such as: 

  • Description 
  • Objectives supported 
  • Who is responsible 
  • When must it be done 
  • Who can help 
  • Budget 

7. Conclusion 

  • Their overall assessment of response capabilities 
  • Their recommendations for implementing priority mitigation projects for the community 
  • Their overall assessment of the community’s vulnerability and response capabilities 

8. Any additional charts, graphs, illustrations, etc. 

  • They may include charts, graphs, and illustrations in the mitigation plan itself to assist with clarification and explanation. They must remember to include source citations if they copied items and/or for the information provided in the item if they created the chart or graph. 

9. Cover page and reference page 

  • The cover page and reference page must be included. Remember these pages are not to be counted as part of the seven (7) page minimum. 





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  • Hazard Mitigation Plan Outline

    TITLE NAME COURSE INSTRUCTOR Date Introduction: Mitigation is the process of removing a risk factor or of dealing with a risk factor through a risk mitigation or a hazard mitigation plan. Between 1851 and 20

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