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45_Diversity Training.and Awareness
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Discuss the role of diversity training in diversity education.


According to the text, how can organizations insure the effectiveness of diversity training?


If you were in charge of an organization, how would you plan to implement and maintain the diversity-conscious setting? 

• Discuss three personal and/or social barriers that impede our success.



In your opinion, which of the three barriers is the most damaging when occurs in intercultural interactions? 


The most prevalent?


How can we prevent these barriers from hindering the development of our interpersonal relationships?


• What area of social inequality frustrates you the most about other people?

What approach could you take as an individual to avoid these frustrations and/or educate others on awareness? 

• Edward Sapir, a linguist, once said, “People who speak different languages live in different worlds, not the same world with different labels” How do you explain this statement?


 • What communication barriers have you encountered when communicating either virtually or globally?


 What did you do to resolve these barriers?  To resolve the barrier I got to know the foreigner and his


What recommendations do you have for people to have successful global communication?


• What would be the biggest challenge for you when working with a collectivist society and why?

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