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35_LEG 500 Law and Ethics in the Business Environment 2
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Brief ; West v Caterpillar   (366 S. 2d 80)

Select a company that has been the subject of a product liability lawsuit in the last ten years. Research the lawsuit using legal data

write (6-8) page paper in which you

1. Describe the company and the product safety issue that led to the lawsuit.

2. Discuss the legal theories used by the plaintiff to recover in this lawsuit, how the lawsuit was resolved, and why you agree with the decision in the case.

3 Describe the changes that have taken place in the company to ensure greater safety of this product or its products.

4.Make recommendations to the company about avoiding future lawsuits.

5. Use at least three quality legal references in this assignment . Note Wikipedia and other websites do not qualify as academic resources .

write (6-8) page paper in which you 

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