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35___Theories of Crime causation
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Discuss the merits of the idea that genetics are a source for criminal behavior. Must provide examples that can be found through research studies and have evidence linking genetics and crime.  This should include twin studies and testosterone studies also.  What are a few strengths and weaknesses of evidence that surrounds geneticsand crime?  Should law enforcement dismiss or consider the findings?  What in your opinion are some of the dangers of suggesting that there is a criminal gene? What would be the repercussions in the field of criminal justice if the existience of the criminal gene is proven it exists? 4 page body with references. APA format

Outline to use: I    Biological Criminology

                     II   Summary of Key Research Findings  (Opponent  and proponent Reasearch)

                    III   Biological Criminology n the 21st Century

                    IV   Biosocial Criminology


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