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30_HUM 100 Introduction to Humanities Greece and Rome – Gender Roles
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  1. Individual Assignment: Artistic Themes from Ancient Cultures:
    Greece and Rome

    Prepare a 1,050- to
    1,400-word paper exploring a topic from one of the following themes as they
    relate to the ancient cultures through early Greek and Roman times as described
    in the course readings:

  2. The
    purpose of human life
  3. Free
    will and destiny
  4. Suffering
  5. Striving for perfection
  6. Gender
  7. Religious expression
  8. Love
  9. Sex
  10. Understanding of wealth
  11. Work 
  12. Determine how the theme is reflected in
    the cultural and world developments from each time period.
  13. Compare and

    the development of the theme within each of the historical periods listed while
    relating past attitudes to modern ones.
  14. Format your paper
    according to APA standards
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