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The global business environment is changing rapidly. The objective of the GENA is to encourage you to be informed of changes in the global business environment. Your task is to report such news and its implications for theory and practice. By executing this assignment, you will learn to apply theoretical readings to current global news, and understand the implications of current business practices.


This is business writing using professional terms and wording.  Avoid using slang and common colloquialisms. Avoid the passive tense (have been I expect finished work to be proofread and spell-checked.


The following format must be use (50 “points” total ):

(a)   News item, source, date

(b)   Concise, brief summary (10 pts.)

     (c)  Implications for practice (beneficiaries/losers) (15 pts.)

     (d)  Implications for theory (link theories/concepts from text to news item) (15 pts.)

     (e)  Future direction/your personal prediction based on reading (10 pts.)


Using this article relating to global news, summarize the article, identify and explain implications for practice and theory (including citing the related concepts from your textbook), and provide your opinion of the future direction the story might take.


Prepare your report according to the instructions below:


Requirements (Here’s what your paper should look like):

Length 2-3 (maximum) well-written pages

Single line spacing

Font – Times New Roman size 12pt

USE THESE Headings: Summary, Implications for Practice, Implications for Theory, Future Direction.


Note: Failure to follow instructions, e.g. wrong headings, spacing, not stapled etc. will cost points. The Writing Center is an excellent resource on campus for writing assistance. It is located in Carlson Library - 419.530.2176. I strongly recommend utilizing the Center. 


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    The Global business environment analysis comprises of various kinds of analysis, such as Industry analysis, market analysis and analysis of companies client and competitors. It is only after these analysis are done, a clear pict

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