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25_Labor Relations and Management Interview 2
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You will be conducting an interview with a labor relations officer or manager.  The purpose of this tutorial is to provide you with real world exposure to the functions performed by labor relations.... 

1.   You will create the interview questions (do not submit the interview questions).  It is your decision how many questions you use.  You want to ask enough questions to gather substantive information about the Labor Relations Officer/Manager’s job and function.  Ask follow-up questions as appropriate.

      Some questions might include:

  1. What are the typical functions of your job?
  2. What challenges do union (or non-union) environments face?
  3. What have you found to be the highest volume of labor issues? 
  4. Why do you think that issue(s) is so high?

**** The tutorial should NOT be just a list of questions and answers and it must be 6 to 10 sheets of feedback.....

      2.  The tutorial should be your understanding of the information shared by the interviewee and what the information shared “means.” 

     3.   The tutorial should include theory application.  In other words, once you            have conducted the interview and begin the tutorial summary, what            theories link to the Labor Relations Officer/Manager’s          processes/functions? 

For example, if your Labor Relations Officer/Manager states that he/she uses a specific grievance process, ask to see the process (theory) or find the process (theory) and review in your

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