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20_Psych 304 Ashford Week 4 Assignment Events Life Approach
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Week 4 Assignments

Title: “The Life Events Approach

For this assignment, describe the historical and contemporary approaches to midlife development and the influence of mediating factors and adaptation.

Use Figure 16.6 in the text to explain the Contemporary Life-Events Framework for Interpreting Developmental Change.  Discuss the significance of each step of the framework.

Additionally, describe the study results highlighted in Figure 16.5 from the text, and discuss how the six dimensions of well-being outlined below were impacted during midlife.

  • Self-acceptance
  • Purpose in life
  • Positive relations
  • Environmental mastery
  • Personal growth
  • Autonomy

Your assignment should be 2-3 pages in length, and should include a minimum of three references.

Santrock, J. (2011).  Life-span development (13th ed.).  New York: McGraw-Hill.  ISBN: 9780073532097.

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