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15_BUS 101 Business policy
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The purpose this unit is to discuss the various business‑< /span>< /span>level strategies that a company can use to compete effectively in a business and in an industry. Each generic strategy requires that a company make consistent product/market choices in order to gain a competitive advantage. Because each strategy leads to a competitive advantage in a different way, companies must make different choices concerning market segments, product differentiation, and distinctive competencies.

1 . How does the business model of HP or Apple differ from Dell.

2. Give examples of a pair of companies in an industry that pursue different types of business models? Explain the business models and how they differ. CHECK OTHER POSTS FIRST, AND USE AN ORIGINAL EXPAMPLE. First come first serve! Example of an industry could be: (a) the computer industry, (b) the electronics industry, and (c) the fast-food industry etc… See my response for the fast-food industry.

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