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12.50_Hypothesis Testing
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Select a scholarly empirical journal article** in Business from the library’s full-text databases. • Paragraph 1: Provide a quick overview of the study. • Paragraph 2: Analyze the way the research study was completed from an ethical standpoint. • Paragraph 3: Assess if it was done well or not based on what you have learned so far. This post must be 3 paragraphs in length. Since you are doing research, there must be citations in the body of the post and a reference list at the end. The goal is to apply learned concepts in order to show your understanding. You should steer away from quotations; they do not showcase your knowledge. The article must end with a large reference list (more than 10 articles) and will contain citations in the body of the article. The article must describe a primary research study with human subjects. A description of the survey, methodology, data collection, analysis, and conclusions are included in the article. Once you have located an applicable source from AIU’s library, save a copy in Word or PDF. Add to work the article. Please do not use quotes or copy definitions.       

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