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10_the issue of security challenges on the Internet
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Q-Discuss the issue of security challenges on the Internet as that issue applies to a global enterprise. List at least five Internet security challenges.


Answer:  Large public networks, including the Internet, are more vulnerable because they are virtually open to anyone and because they are so huge that when abuses do occur, they can have an enormously widespread impact. When the Internet becomes part of the corporate network, the organization's information systems can be vulnerable to actions from outsiders. Computers that are constantly connected to the Internet via cable modem or DSL line are more open to penetration by outsiders because they use a fixed Internet address where they can be more easily identified. The fixed Internet address creates the target for hackers. To benefit from electronic commerce, supply chain management, and other digital business processes, companies need to be open to outsiders such as customers, suppliers, and trading partners. Corporate systems must be extended outside the organization so that employees working with wireless and other mobile computing devices can access them. This requires a new security culture and infrastructure, allowing corporations to extend their security policies to include procedures for suppliers and other business partners. 

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