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7_Unit 9 Hu 300 DQ
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Unit 9

Hu300 DQ

Popular culture is all around us: in fact, it could be argued that this entire course was an exercise in pop culture. We have defined and evaluated the major trends of twentieth century art, music, film, and literature, while we have also explored the figureheads behind theories of freedom, morality, and happiness. All of these contributions have been left behind as artifacts, telling us about the values of the past.

The Gods Must Be Crazy is a comedy devoted to the premise of discovery and meaning. While flying over a remote corner of Africa, a pilot tosses out a soda bottle. The bottle is discovered by a man who has no idea what it is. Cut off from mass media, he believes it to be a message from the gods. He and his fellow villagers try to figure out what it could possibly mean.

Imagine that someone cut off from mass culture finds an artifact from today’s culture, an item from popular culture. In your discussion, explain what item you would like this person to find, what you would hope it would signify to them, and how you imagine it could also be interpreted. 200 words/citation if used and reference

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