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6_3 Day Nutrition Analysis
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Use the physical activity tracker tool provided on to keep track of any physical activity you do over a 3-day period.


Use the registration instructions in Appendix B to set up an account with the SuperTracker website if you have not done so already.


Use the Physical Activity Tracker feature on the Web site as a reference to determine how many calories you burned during the 3-day period.


Write a 700- to 1050-word response in APA format addressing the following questions:


·         What are your current exercise habits?

·         According to SuperTracker results summary page, what were your credited minutes, total expended calories, physical activity score, and physical activity assessment results? Provide a screenshot of your results summary.

·         What everyday changes, if any, might you make to increase the amount of energy expended in your day-to-day activities?

·         What types and amounts of exercise would work best for you?

Can you perform these activities year-round? If not, suggest alternative activities and locations for inclement weather.

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