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MGT 317 Finals 2017 Version A+ Score
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  1. A _____ is a person who reports alleged wrongdoing
  2. All of the following are conditions of conducting a successful selection interview, EXCEPT
  3. Samantha has been asked to join a task force that is charged with boosting organizational productivity. First, she was asked to jot down ideas on how to increase productivity, and after that, the group met to discuss everyone’s ideas and come up with solutions together based on those suggestions. Samantha’s taskforce best exemplifies which creative problem solving method
  4. Giving employees the authority and responsibility to achieve their individual and the organization's objectives is known as _____
  5. Care 1 Hospital is renowned for its impeccable reputation and strong employee morale. These types of qualities can best be described as _____ standards
  6. Which of the following statements is true of formal performance appraisals?
  7. _____ is one of the elements of the hot stove rule of disciplinary action
  8. ARVA International is a nonprofit organization that strives to promote social justice throughout the world. At ARVA, employees continually improve their skills and expand their capacities to meet the organization’s social objective. In this scenario, ARVA International can best be described as a ______
  9. The collaborate style of conflict resolution is characterized as
  10. _____ is a leadership style that emphasizes collaboration, trust, and empathy; engages followers in all aspects of the organization; and helps followers to better themselves
  11. Bettina's supervisor has assigned her an extremely challenging task and has given Bettina more personal authority in how to perform the task. This is an example of ____
  12. Organizations that have implemented discipline without punishment have reported
  13. The _____ approach has the problem solver not only identify the various factors that have caused the problem but also consider the potential interrelatedness of the causes of the problem
  14. The level of emotional commitment an employee has to an organization and its goals is known as _____
  16. One difference between the manager and the leader is that:
  17. Which of the following is a physiological factor influencing personality
  18. Which of the following is a method of overcoming barriers to effective communication
  19. The directive approach to interviewing differs from the nondirective in that:
  20. At L.T. Manufacturing, a team was formed to tackle recent issues with the timely shipping of products. Members of the team come from different departments including production, design, distribution, and marketing. Which of the following terms can best describe the team
  21. Carla is upset about a recent action taken by a top manager at her company that was against the interest of the employees in the lower levels of management. Carla knows that others employees also feel the same way. If she wanted to form a group to look into the matter more closely, which type of group would be recommended
  22. Kenyon is a supervisor at Rhombus Inc. Maggie has been the top performing employee last year, but her performance has sharply declined over the last two months and her tardiness is becoming an issue. In this scenario, Kenyon should
  23. Followership is defined as
  24. The advantage of on-the-job training is that it _____
  25. Jonathan is a manager who always threatens people with termination in order to gain compliance. In this case, Jonathan uses which type of power
  26. Gina likes to be in control at work and enjoys making important decisions. She uses power to influence her subordinates and generally likes to take risks. Which of the following decision-making styles best describes Gina
  27. Deb learned from her colleague Sean that the company’s new secretary will be leaving after only two months on the job This information most likely came from which channel of communication
  28. Nicole works from home full-time for a non-profit organization. She receives work from and sends work to the office via a computer and modem. This is an example of _____
  29. Which of the following is another term for organizational development (OD)
  30. Ramon is a distribution center manager who is looking to hire a few additional employees. He and his HR team have determined that two positions are needed, and they have identified the skills required for both of these positions. What is Ramon’s next step
  31. _____ refers to the technique of evaluating some number of items from a larger group to determine whether the group meets acceptable quality standards.‚Äč


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