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Final Assignment

Final Knowledge Gained and Further Development Activity

In this final paper, students will draw upon knowledge gained in both this capstone class, but also other classes they have taken in their degree program. Students will select two of the following concepts that represent key concepts related to the key knowledge areas in HR For the selected concepts, students will describe, the concepts selected, knowledge about it with scholarly support for the statements. Provide at least two scholarly sources for your information. Include a title page and a reference page for the paper. Use topic heading to identify the segments of the paper.

1.  Title Page

2.  Introduction and Purpose of Paper

3.  Concept Selected

        A.  Academic definitions of the key terms

        B.  The value that is added to the organization through the concept

        C.  Examples of the concept in practice

        D.  Risks of not utilizing the concept

        E.  Your personal evaluation of your own competencies in the concept area

        F.  How you will continue to develop your competencies in the area and how you will apply the concept in your own organization

4.  Concluding Comments on Knowledge of the HR function

5.  Reference Page

 Choose from the following:

 HR Competencies for the 21st   Century

 The Strategic Role of Human Resources

 HR Metrics that Matter

 The HR So That Statement

 Differentiation of Rewards and Segmentation of Current or Potential Employees


 Employment Brand

 Employee Engagement

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