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IM 305 Week 2 Case Tools paper A+ rated
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Write a draft of the paper on case tools and include the following:




Define the term case tools and provide at least three examples.



Describe how case tools are used in the design of a database.



Explain how three different case tools are used in database design, including their advantages and disadvantages.


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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  • IM 305 Week 2 Case Tools paper A+ rated

    Running Head: Learning Team Instructions Case Tools Paper Name Institution INTRODUCTION Tools development of information systems emerged to try to solve the problems inherent in the applications generating projects: deadlines and unfulfilled budgets, dissatisfaction of the user, low productivity and low quality of developments, among others. Some of these tools are mainly aimed at improving quality, as it is the case of the case tools. There is currently a great development and a lot of this kind of tools, so it becomes difficult choosing one of them to work, both personal and corporate. This paper describes capabilities and most relevant characteristics of the main case tools existing today, including: Microsoft Project, Rational Rose, JDeveloper, Magic Draw, Visual Paradigm, Microsoft Visio, BoUML. This work can

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